How to make Xcode 4 default

gmarik 1 min

I have two Xcodes versions installed 3.2.4 and 4.2. And the former one was the default one. This wasn’t a big deal unless I tried to open a project in Finder which caused Xcode 3.2.4 to pop up.

Defaultig to Xcode 4 is a bit tricky:

  1. CTRL-click on a project so context menu pops up, select Open with
  2. File selection dialog pops up.
  3. Press Shift-CMD-G - Goto Filder dialog pops up.
  4. Type /Developer/Applications/ and press return to goto the folder
  5. Select and check Always open with to make it default

To make Xcode 3 default, repeat same steps but use /Developer-old/Applications/ for step 4.

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